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Information about Olive Oils

Al'Ard Olive Oils

Origin: Palestine

Description: The geography and climate in Palestine are ideal for its ancient olive trees, with age-old farming methods contributing in the growth of premium olives. Olives in Palestine are hand picked at the right degree of maturity by the hands of Palestinian farmers carrying the heritage of their ancestors farming methods, using cold pressing technique, to guarantee high quality olive oil with preserved superior taste, natural health benefits and rich flavor of history.

Taste: Aromic herbal

Grades of Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil:

has a free acidity, oleic acid, of not more than 2 grams per 100 grams (2.0%). Their quality is lower than extra virgin olive oils. They have a higher smoking point compared to Extra Virgin Olive Oil therefore able to withstand is more suitable to be used for frying.

Extra Virgin olive oil:

has a free acidity, oleic acid, of no more than 0.8 grams per 100 grams (0.8%). This is the highest quality of olive oil. Note that extra virgin olive oils vary widely in taste, color, and appearance. Their taste and aroma should reflect the fact that they were made from olives and they cannot be totally tasteless. Since they contain more flavours, they are used to add more variety of taste to foods for example, salads. They however do have a lower smoking point and not encouraged to be used for long periods of frying if any at all.

What are Oleic Acids?

Oleic acid is a mono-saturated fat good for one's health. It is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine and has been hailed for its therapeutic characteristics. Modern studies support the the benefits of consuming olive oil.